Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world review

Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world

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The gaming world is teeming with opportunities for creativity, and Toca Life World - Create Stories & Make Your World takes the creative concept a notch higher. Developed by Toca Boca, this game gives you an addictive platform to tell imaginative stories and create your own unique world. It's like a digital role-play, where you can make explorable interactive locations, characters, and narratives. With the freedom of expression and countless possibilities that Toca Life World hardwires into its gameplay, players are let loose in an imaginative playground that allows for a myriad of story and character creations - your Toca life, your Toca stories.

Gameplay - A Celebration of Imagination

Toca Life World centers around building an interactive world that is shaped entirely by your choices. In essence, you start with a small location and gradually expand to include more areas, such as shopping complexes, food parks, and even water parks.

The game offers a spread of characters from up to 300 characters that you can customize to your liking and over 50 locations. From hair color and clothes to emotions and actions, you can truly create a character that embodies your own self or any other persona you'd like to enact.

Besides these, one salient highlight of Toca Life World is the introduction of story creation. The game allows you to record and save your storytelling exploits, thus bringing your self-directed stories to life. You can record voiceovers, add custom music and sound effects, and even include animated stickers to pack more fun into your creative tales.
The centerpiece in the gameplay of Toca Life World revolves around nurturing your creativity by fostering an environment for imaginative story creation and world-building.

Starting on a blank canvas, the game allows you to explore your creative instincts and construct a world that resonates with your fantasies. With an array of 50 locations, including apartments, food courts, shopping districts, hair salons, and even a pet park, the game offers you a variety of settings to base your imaginative play. These locations aren't just trivial fillers but possess movements and interactions, such as turning the lights on and off, making popcorn, flushing the toilets, and many more, to make the world feel more lively and interactive.

The game boasts over 300 characters, and even more excitingly, you can customize each character's look and personality however you please. From outfits and hairstyles to expressions and movements, your control spans over all aspects of the characters you conceive, enabling you to reflect whatever personality traits or quirks you want them to have.

It's also worth mentioning the game's "Gifts Every Week" feature, which serves as a delightful surprise that keeps you intrigued and engaged. The game incorporates these random gifts into the gameplay by having them hidden across different play zones, adding an extra element of fun as you journey through the game.

Another fantastic addition to the gameplay is the ability to save and record your storylines. With this, you can revisit and share your stories any time you choose. The game also offers an intriguing 'Story Maker' tool that allows you to script stories. You can set the scene, direct the characters, document their interactions, and even add music and voice-overs to the scenes, thereby turning your imaginative play into full-fledged story productions.

To further fuel your creativity, the game offers additional purchases, where you can buy more locations, characters, and props. While some might view it as a con, those with a thirst for more would take it as an opportunity to expand their play scope.

Toca Life World’s gameplay majestically dances on the fine line of simplicity and complexity, providing a robust imagination playground without sacrificing intuitiveness.

A Few Shortcomings

Like all other games, Toca Life World also has drawbacks that could deter certain players. The gameplay can be seen as 'too simplistic' by some players seeking challenges or competitive elements. It could also be too overwhelming or complex for those who just want a straightforward game to pass the time. Additionally, many of the exciting locations and items are locked behind in-app purchases, which might not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer completely free gaming experiences.

Encapsulating Players' Impressions

Toca Life World, for many users, has become a unique platform birthed out of Toca Boca’s creative brilliance. Many players share the satisfaction they derive from creating stories, designing their characters, and exploring in-game locations. The ability to morph the gaming environment to their whims and fancies is heavily appreciated by the users. They adore the hands-on approach that allows them to manipulate the world according to their imagination.

Yet, there are instances where players express discontent about the in-app purchases and the simplistic nature of gameplay. Some dislike the fact that several interesting aspects of the game are locked behind a paywall, while others express a desire for more challenging gameplay elements.

Notwithstanding its shortcomings, Toca Life World undoubtedly presents an invigorating platform rich in creativity, ensuring a place in the hearts of many players who relish personal expression in gameplay. The ability to apply individual creativity, from character creation down to story narration, carves this game into a solid niche in the mobile gaming world.

In summary, here are some pros and cons collated from Toca Life World- Create Stories & Make Your World players:


  • Unleashed Creativity through Story Creation
  • Interactive Gameplay with Direct Control over the In-Game Environment
  • Diverse Range of Characters and Locations
  • User-Friendly with Intuitive Controls


  • Inclusion of In-App Purchases Hinders Full Access
  • Maybe It's Overwhelming for Casual Gamers.


Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world Toca Life World - Create stories & make your world