Monument Valley 2 review

Monument Valley 2

Published & copyrighted by ustwo games

Monument Valley 2, developed by Ustwo Games, introduces an engaging plot avant-garde in the world of mobile gaming. The prose is spun around a touching narrative arc that ensnares the heart of its players alongside visceral gameplay mechanics. Players assume the roles of a mother-daughter duo, Ro and her child, who go on to explore beautifully hand-crafted landscapes and illusions crafted in a way that defies the laws of physics.

Spirited Characters of Monument Valley 2

The game has two lead characters - Ro and her Child, whose reciprocal bond of love and affection forms the foundation of this game's plot. Ro is the mother, guide, and protector, while her child is full of curiosity and discovery. Opting to move away from a sole protagonist as in the previous installment, the sequel provides a more engaging experience by evolving these characters throughout the game.

The Dance of a Mother-Daughter Duo

Each level of Monument Valley 2 is a meticulously designed puzzle in the form of architectonic anomalies. The player controls both Ro and her child, guiding them through paths familiar and unexplored. Each step they take reveals more paths, bridges, stairs, or doors, creating a breathtaking illusion that forces the player to think beyond the conventional dimensions.

The gameplay involves interacting with several elements within each level, like turning a crank, sliding a platform, or rotating a column. These actions rearrange segments of the level to enable the characters to progress— a challenge elevated by Rube Goldbergian intricacies wherein one action influences another.

For example, turning a crank might rotate an entire section of the field. Yet, it's not as simple as it may seem; sometimes, the rotation might misalign an essential path unless maneuvered diligently. The learning curve is harmonious with the growth of Ro's child, offering an immersive journey as one advances through the levels.

Furthermore, the levels have been beautifully named to reflect the storyline, often hinting at the solution to the puzzle. There are no timers or enemies, allowing players to explore, think, and solve at their own pace.

In a nutshell, Monument Valley 2's gameplay invites us into a world of paradox and fantasy, where orientation is more fluid than fixed and where one must push the boundaries of sine qua non-thinking, treating each level as a sophisticated interactive art installation.

Mechanical Symphony in Monument Valley 2

The core mechanics of Monument Valley 2 are intuitive and ingenious. The mind-bending gameplay tasks players with solving intricate puzzles by manipulating the game's environment, which often includes rotating portions of the map or shifting entire segments of land. The paramount aspect is the control efficiency, which is smooth and responsive. Each level is a beautifully crafted spatial maze that unfolds new routes as you manipulate its architecture, adding to the allure and challenge.

Pockets of Serenity: Immersive Sound and Visual Design

The game excels in every visual aspect; the art style is elegantly minimalistic yet complex in design. The graphical representation is audacious, with contrasting bold colors and intricate patterns that define the unique identity of Monument Valley 2. The sound effects equally complement the visual flavor with a harmony of serene yet dynamic tunes that resonate with each movement and change on the screen, adding to the surrealism of the gameplay.

Going Solo: Absence of Multiplayer and Side Quests

While the game does not include multiplayer functionality, it hardly detracts from the absorbing, solitary exploration, which seems self-sufficient. However, this may sway gamers looking for a communal experience. Likewise, the game's linear narrative is attributed to a lack of side quests, focusing instead on the main plot's progression.

Musings over Replayability and Additional Components

Upon concluding the storyline, Monument Valley 2 leaves little room for replayability, as explored solutions to puzzles do not reset, diluting the awe element therein. However, players might revisit it purely to appreciate its artistic brilliance. The game also refrains from a competitive scoring system, giving a rather peaceful gaming experience, which could be a refreshing or staid experience - depending on the player's preference.

Final Impressions and Marking Caveats

In the whirlpool of action-packed mobile games, Monument Valley 2 emerges as a pearl of tranquillity. This visually stunning game offers a unique, introspective journey coupled with intellectually stimulating puzzles. However, potential players should consider its lack of multiplayer mode, limited replayability, and a linear storyline— aspects that might be a downside for those who thrive on competitive, changing gameplay.


  • Breathtaking visual design and meticulous architectural graphics
  • Brilliant sound design that enhances gameplay experience
  • Mind-engaging puzzles and seamlessly efficient controls
  • Emotionally resonating well-written plot.


  • Absence of multiplayer functionality
  • Limited replayability
  • Lack of side quests
  • A linear storyline with no scoring system.


Monument Valley 2 Monument Valley 2