Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas review

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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"Welcome to San Andreas"...just those few words send millions of gamers around the world into nostalgic oblivion. 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas', developed by Rockstar North, is widely acclaimed for its immersive narrative, engaging gameplay, and expansive game world. The game is a journey deep into the world of crime portrayed in the edgy atmosphere of the early 90s.

Nostalgic Gameplay and Carousel of Characters

This action-adventure game is set in an open-world environment of the fictitious U.S. state of San Andreas, spanning three metropolitan cities. Players control the protagonist, Carl "CJ" Johnson, who returns home from Liberty City to Los Santos upon his mother's death. It's a story that elegantly mixes family dynamics, friendships, and treachery while binding together a multifaceted storyline of criminal activities. The gameplay includes missions based on driving, occasional stealth, and on-foot missions.

The lead characters are profound and dynamic. From Carl’s treacherous friends Ryder and Big Smoke to his upright brother Sweet to the charismatic yet dangerously manipulative Catalina, each character adds depth to the plot.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas revolutionized the open-world genre with its innovative gameplay mechanics and unrivaled depth. As the protagonist, Carl "CJ" Johnson, players have to navigate through the crime-infested streets and meet various objectives to progress in the main storyline.

The game mechanics extend beyond simple run-and-gun action. San Andreas introduced a multitude of driving mechanics into the game, with virtually every vehicle, from a sports car, and motorbike to a tank, all operating with their individual physics. The driving is often accompanied by exciting chase sequences, high-speed heists, and adrenaline-driven races, all implemented seamlessly into the gameplay.

In addition to the main quests, the game also has a variety of side missions and mini-games that players can indulge in during their free roam. They can participate in turf wars, go on dates, perform drive-by shootings, rob houses, spray graffiti, and many more. Each of these activities adds layers to the gameplay and provides opportunities to earn extra money or respect, which can eventually contribute to character development and progression of the main storyline.

The character development goes deeper with the 'role-playing game' style attributes. CJ's abilities can improve over time by repeatedly performing a specific action, such as running to improve stamina or shooting to improve gun handling. These player attributes directly affect CJ's physical appearance and his interaction with the game environment, adding another layer to the gameplay. For instance, excessive eating without any physical activity will cause CJ to gain weight, which could make him slower and less attractive during dates.

The game also introduced a fight mechanic wherein you can learn new combat moves from various gyms across the city. It added depth and strategy to the confrontations, and your choice of fighting style could drastically alter the combat outcome.

Unlike other games of its time, San Andreas allowed players to interact more profoundly with their environment. Houses could be purchased, businesses could be owned, haircuts and tattoos could be changed, and a vast range of apparel choices – all these options provided a level of character customization unprecedented in a Grand Theft Auto game up to this point.

In essence, San Andreas, with its vivid open-world environment and versatile gameplay mechanics, offers a virtual life filled with crime, rivalry, and survival. The immense freedom and layers of choice offer a sense of immersion that few games of its time could match.

Graphical and Musical Serenade

The graphics for GTA San Andreas was pioneering for its time. The sprawling world depicted distinct, vibrant environments from congested cities to barren deserts to vast countryside excellent for dangerous car chases, which exponentially enhances the gameplay experience. The character models were fluid, with a good range of animations.

In terms of sound design, the dialogues are profoundly delivered, brilliantly capturing the territorial accents of the state. Radio stations played an intricate part in amplifying the atmosphere of the game. Each station colored various aspects of the 90's culture, expertly molding it into the gameplay and creating an immersive experience.

Packed with Side Quests, Multiplayer, and More

Aside from the main storyline, the game is packed with optional missions and side activities such as taxi driving, firefighting, street racing, and even running your own casino. The PC and console versions also offer Multiplayer mode that bolsters the replayability factor.

Wrapping up

The controls, though not overly complicated, sometimes felt clunky, especially during intense missions involving both shooting and driving simultaneously. Yet, the game presents an intense, character-focused storyline that is immersive and highly memorable.

I would personally rate 'GTA: San Andreas' a solid 9.5/10. The potential gamer should be aware of its violent and explicit nature before indulging in the game.

In the end, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas remains a masterpiece of its era, an epitome of narrative storytelling, and a journey through the nostalgic era of the '90s worth embarking upon.

To justly encapsulate the essence of 'GTA: San Andreas', here is a list of Pros and Cons:


  • Expansive Game world
  • Engrossing Storyline
  • Rich and Engaging Characters
  • Nostalgic '90s Atmosphere
  • Well-integrated Sound Design.


  • Violence and explicit content
  • Occasionally Clunky Controls
  • Outdated graphics by today's standards.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas