Sonic The Hedgehog Classic review

Sonic The Hedgehog Classic

Published & copyrighted by SEGA

Travel back in time to the golden age of gaming with the classic Sonic the HedgehogTM Classic, a retro-themed platformer that has won the hearts of millions worldwide. Developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA, this game revisits the nostalgic adventures of the charismatic blue hedgehog Sonic. It retains the enchanting gameplay of the original, bringing the unique stylings of 16-bit graphics to mobile devices, allowing veterans and new gamers to experience the allure of one of the greatest iconic video games of modern times. Enthralling, challenging, and designed to engross players with its simplicity and speed-driven gameplay, the Sonic the HedgehogTM Classic offers an unforgettable ride that stands as a definitive benchmark in gaming history.

Velocity and Versatility – The Gameplay Experience

Sonic the HedgehogTM Classic is a powerful reminder that the fundamentals of addictive gameplay don't necessarily lie in high-definition visuals, complex stories, or sophisticated gaming mechanisms. Instead, it relies on the nitrous-fueled blend of speed and platforming that Sonic is world-renowned for. Embodying the spirit of the era it was crafted in, the game features meticulously constructed levels offering a plethora of hidden places, crates filled with powerups, and a stunning array of enemies to defeat.

The gameplay consists of running across linear levels at high speeds while collecting golden rings, surviving enemy encounters, and reaching the level's end to face off against the cunning Dr.Robotnik. The controls are simple to understand and responsive. They revolve around moving Sonic left or right with the occasional jumping and crouching or springing into action with the signature roll attack.

Rings gathered during Sonic's run serve as his life force, lost upon being hit and regained through quick collection. Sonic's pace, combined with the strategic need to maintain rings, introduces an engaging layer of tactical gameplay. Special stages hidden within levels offer players a break from traditional running, delivering a more complex maze-like platform with a chance to grab the precious Chaos Emeralds.

Speeding Past the Competition: Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic

Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic distinguishes itself from the pack of platformers with its unique attributes, setting a high bar in the gaming industry. Here's why Sonic is not just another run-of-the-mill platformer:

Intensity and Intricacy of Speed

While traditional platformers revolve around meticulously planned movements, Sonic incorporates a spectacular speed element. It's more than just jumping across platforms—it’s about Sonic blazing through them. While games like Super Mario emphasize precision and timing in overcoming obstacles, Sonic’s gameplay focuses on maintaining momentum and velocity, creating an adrenaline-pumping roller-coaster ride that no other platformer offers.

Distinct Level Design and Tactics

Sonic's levels are not linear from left to right. They contain multiple overlapping paths – lower, middle, and upper, each scattered with different assortments of rings, enemies, and power-ups. This multifaceted design adds depth and replayability, encouraging exploration and strategic choices. For instance, the upper route is often the safest but also the hardest to stick to, while the lower paths are more dangerous but easier to navigate.

Unique Health Mechanism

In many games like Contra or Ghosts'n Goblins, one hit could mean losing a life. Sonic introduced a unique concept benchmarked in the form of golden rings acting as a buffer against instant death. This creative health system has become a major identity of Sonic and presents a different kind of challenge to stay alive.

Signature Characters and Iconic Antagonist

With his distinctive blue color, red shoes, and the need for speed, Sonic is instantly recognizable, setting it apart from counterparts like Mario or Donkey Kong. The return of the malevolent Dr. Robotnik as the antagonist also stands as a reminder of your ultimate objective. In comparison to Bowser of Mario fame or King K. Rool in Donkey Kong Country, the continual presence of Dr. Robotnik in every zone adds a menacing flavor to Sonic's adventure.

Power-ups and Chaos Emeralds

Although power-ups have always been a part of platformers, Sonic introduces unique item boxes with a broader spectrum of abilities. These range from shields to invincibility that amplifies the gameplay strategies. The inclusion of elusive Chaos Emeralds hidden inside Special Stages adds an additional layer of challenge, missing in many of its contemporaries.

Finally, the fusion of a catchy, high-tempo soundtrack with aesthetically colorful, vibrant levels brings Sonic’s universe to life, creating a riveting visual and aural experience that has become a hallmark of the franchise.

A Classic, Yet Not Flawless

Despite capturing the classic charm, Sonic the HedgehogTM Classic isn’t without certain shortcomings. The adaptation to touch controls often suffers from accuracy problems, with crucial jumps or attacks misfiring due to the lack of tactile feedback. Additionally, ad intrusions between levels inflict an unnecessary pause in the game’s flow, somewhat disrupting an otherwise smooth gaming experience.

Players' Impressions of Sonic the HedgehogTM Classic

On the whole, Sonic the HedgehogTM Classic has been praised for faithfully recapturing the essence of the classic Sonic game, providing both nostalgia and engaging, intense gameplay. Players have commended the responsiveness and simplicity of Sonic's skill set, the complexity of level designs, and the awe-inspiring speed that has become synonymous with the franchise.

However, players have also acknowledged the issues—for instance, the precision of touch controls that sometimes result in erroneous moves or mishandled jumps unprompted by the player's inputs and often-felt frustration about ad interruptions, especially when they're engrossed in high-speed gameplay. Yet, the overwhelming majority concur that the pros massively outweigh the cons—even the staunchest critics acknowledge their enchantment with the mesmerizing world of Sonic.


  • Faithful port of a classic game
  • Engaging gameplay with complex levels
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Suitable and enjoyable for all age groups.


  • Imprecise touch-screen controls
  • Ad pop-ups disrupt the game’s flow
  • Absence of Tails and Knuckles in the main game.


Sonic The Hedgehog Classic Sonic The Hedgehog Classic