RAID: Shadow Legends review

RAID: Shadow Legends

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RAID: Shadow Legends, developed by Plarium, embroils the player in an intense war within the fictional world known as Teleria. The drama unravels with the player being led by the arbiter to rally champions and save Teleria from the Dark Lord Siroth. The game’s plot is rich and engaging, providing a fulsome background to the characters and their motivations.

Meet the Champions

The vivacious cast of characters referred to as champions, is one of the game's highlights. Each champion belongs to distinct factions like High Elves, Undead Hordes, or Knights Revenant. Each has its own lore, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, compelling players to strategize and utilize each champion tactically.

Battle Mechanisms and Mechanics

The turn-based combat system in RAID: Shadow Legends brings strategy to the forefront. Players form teams of champions, each possessing a range of skills divided into basic, active, and passive. The game challenges players to harness the champions' abilities effectively, considering the synergies between them and their gear, to prevail in battles.

In-depth strategy is the crux of the gameplay in RAID: Shadow Legends. Players assemble a diverse team of champions, each having unique abilities divided into basic, active, and passive types. The order and rhytm in which the champions are deployed prove as crucial as the strength, making each game a gripping blend of strategic forethought.

The main battles take place across a series of meticulously constructed settings, from the Story Campaign’s dungeons to the PvP Arena, Faction Wars, and Clan Boss fights. The victory depends not only on the clever line-up of champions but also on how well-equipped they are, emphasizing the importance of acquiring and upgrading gear in the game.

The numerous complexities involved in the development of champions add to the gameplay depth. The game requires players to level up and upgrade the skills of the champions by journeying through various quests and biomes. The 'Ascend' feature can be used to increase the champion's rank and improve their base stats.

Moreover, the ‘Tavern’ allows players to sacrifice lower-level champions to power up higher-level ones, lending further strategic depth. An understanding of synergies between champions in a team is key, forcing players to constantly tweak their roster for optimum results.

Each champion is linked with either of the four affinities – Magic, Spirit, Force, or Void - which function with a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, giving significant advantage or disadvantage against other affinities. The knowledge of this mechanic holds high importance and can greatly impact the battles.

Central to gameplay is the process of forming and managing the vastly different factions. Players require a strategic mix of factions to succeed in Faction Wars, and it's crucial to build a well-balanced, diversified unit.

Sonic Symphony

RAID sets the atmosphere with its well-crafted sound design. The immersive music and sound effects, ranging from the dramatic score during the battles to the ambient sounds in the tavern, harmonize with the game's epic setting and actions.

Realistic Renderings

RAID: Shadow Legends prides itself on outstanding graphics. Boasting a fully 3D rendered world, the detailed environment, highly textured combat sequences, and breathtaking character models add up to an impressive visual feast uncommon in mobile gaming.

Appreciable Aspects of Multiplayer

This game features a PvP Arena where players can battle against others globally. This aspect brings in a competitive edge and fosters interaction within the gaming community.

Delving into the Dungeons

Side quests, in the form of Dungeon Raids, provide an additional layer of exploration. Players can face off against boss enemies to gain powerful equipment and experience, adding another dimension to gameplay.

On Replayability and Controls

RAID possesses fantastic replayability with its high-level strategic depth and an extensive roster of champions to unlock. The controls, though elaborate, are intuitive and easy to master, thus improving gameplay.

As a whole, RAID: Shadow Legends is a high-quality RPG that offers an immersive narrative, fabulous graphics, and deeply strategic gameplay, providing an impressive mobile gaming experience.

By considering these aspects, prospective gamers can make informed choices about whether RAID: Shadow Legends is a worthy addition to their collection. Despite some minor drawbacks, the game excels in its graphics and strategic depth, setting it apart in the mobile RPG realm.


  • An immersive, elaborate storyline
  • Wide variety of well-crafted champions
  • Effective sound design and stunning 3D graphics
  • Deep, strategic gameplay in battles
  • Competitive multiplayer features
  • Regular updates adding new content.


  • Requires time investment for champion development
  • Contains in-app purchases that may bother some players
  • High-end graphics might not run smoothly on older devices
  • Balancing issues of champions can occur, affecting competitiveness
  • Although multiplayer is entertaining, it may require a more reliable internet connection.


RAID: Shadow Legends RAID: Shadow Legends