My Singing Monsters review

My Singing Monsters

Published & copyrighted by Big Blue Bubble

Enter a whimsical, enchanting world where creativity meets melody, presenting My Singing Monsters - a delightful foray into music and monster-collecting. This unique game, developed by Big Blue Bubble, offers players an opportunity to collect and breed a vibrant assortment of charming creatures, each with a unique sound that contributes to an orchestral harmony on your personalized islands. Breeding unique hybrids, creating beautiful harmonies, and personalizing islands, this game piece is a treat for those seeking a blend of music and strategy in an engaging mobile experience.

Harmonious Homestead: Gameplay Details

The gameplay premise of My Singing Monsters revolves around collecting, breeding, and creating rare monsters with their melodies. Upon hatching a monster egg, each creature brings along a unique instrument or vocal performance to an emerging ensemble of sounds on your island, gradually turning it into a harmonious monster choir.

The game allows strategic cross-breeding of various species to create new, potentially rare monsters with their musical stylings. Mirroring elements of resource management games, players are also tasked with maintaining income in the form of coins generated by their happy singing monsters or selling collectibles over time to expand and decorate their islands.

Further depth is added via the opportunity to visit friends' islands, providing an insight into their unique compositions and designs. The introduction of Wublins and Celestials, weekly compositional contests, a rich market for decorations, and themed events around real-world holidays keep the gameplay from stagnating, allowing long-term player engagement.

Melody in the Midst of the Masses

My Singing Monsters expertly stands out in a crowded mobile gaming market, harmonizing unique traits that set it apart from its contemporaries. Here's how it rhythmically beats the competition:

Unique Blend of Genres

While many mobile games stick to a tried-and-tested genre, be it puzzle, RPG, or strategy, My Singing Monsters harmoniously blends elements from various genres. It expertly merges resource management, strategic breeding, and time management along with a unique musical component, creating a wholly distinctive gaming experience. The musical element especially sets it apart from breeding games like Dragonvale or tycoon games like Hay Day, where the focus is predominantly on expansion and resource accumulation.

In the realm of mobile games, sound design is often underappreciated. The developers of My Singing Monsters, however, have significantly upgraded this feature, turning it into the centerpiece of the gameplay. Each monster is designed with its unique tune, rhythm, or musical sound, ranging from hauntingly beautiful vocalizations to percussive beats or even electronic noises akin to a synthesizer. In comparison, while games like Minecraft or Lego Tower allow personalization of the gameplay environment, they do not offer this level of musical engagement and creativity.

Vibrant Characters and Aesthetics

The monsters of this game are anything but what the name 'monster' conventionally implies. They’re an array of colorful, unique, and imaginative creatures, each beautifully animated with attention to detail. Games like Monster Legends or Pokémon Go focus on collecting and breeding a variety of creatures, but the creatures of My Singing Monsters, with their individual tunes, step it up from being just collectible creatures to being inherent parts of a larger, harmonious ensemble.

Shared Creativity with Community

While most mobile games have some form of social connectivity, My Singing Monsters takes it a step further by not only allowing players to visit each other's islands but also to like and favorite them. It fosters a sense of community by allowing players to learn from each other's layouts and compositions, a feature not commonly seen in other games.

Dissonant Notes: Gameplay Constraints

While My Singing Monsters creates a captivating universe interspersed with music and charm, the gameplay is not devoid of constraints. A significant challenge includes the time-consuming hatchery and breeding times. Longer waiting periods for rare monsters can disrupt the natural flow of the game. Additionally, the heavy reliance on in-app purchases for speeding up monster breeding or acquiring rare monsters can feel pressurizing, leading to potential dampening of the gaming experience.

A Chorus of Opinions: User Impressions

My Singing Monsters has been widely appreciated for its refreshing, unique blend of the monster-breeding genre with musical elements. Users have expressed delight in nurturing a diverse collection of singing monsters and curating their harmonic orchestra. The game's vibrant visuals, individualized monster designs, and unique, engaging sounds contribute to a thoroughly immersive playing experience.

However, some players have voiced concerns about extended waiting periods for breeding or hatching, alongside occasional pressure for in-app purchases. Nonetheless, My Singing Monsters gracefully marries strategy with creativity, providing an engaging platform for players to curate their unique symphony of lovable monsters.


  • Unique blend of strategy and music
  • Opportunities for creativity in island decoration
  • Wide variety of monster types for collection
  • Regular themed events and contests bring variety.


  • Long waiting periods for breeding and hatching
  • Heavy reliance on in-app purchases for quick progress
  • Limited speed-up incentives for non-paying players.


My Singing Monsters My Singing Monsters