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In today's world of mobile gaming, a variety of genres packages immersive storytelling with engaging gameplay. One such successful and notable genre is the combination of simulation and puzzle gaming - homely introduced in the Homescapes. Developed by Playrix, the game is a delightful integration of a captivating narrative with a Match-3 puzzle mechanism.

With more than 100 million downloads, Homescapes is built around the life of Austin the Butler, who embarks on an exciting journey of renovating his dilapidated family mansion. Upon arrival, he realizes the mansion, once filled with love and joy, is in desperate need of restoration to reclaim its former glory. As a player, your task is to help Austin renew the old mansion while uncovering the many mysteries hidden under the dust of time.

A Comprehensive Scrutiny

Just like other match-3 games, gameplay in Homescapes entails completing puzzles to earn stars, which are used for carrying out tasks like installing a new carpet, changing wallpaper, or fixing a broken staircase. This strategy of breaking down the renovation work into smaller jobs gives a sense of achievement and keeps the gameplay interesting.

An additional feature in Homescapes is the ability to follow an engrossing storyline filled with unique and colorful characters, each adding more depth to the game's UX. This story progresses based on the tasks you complete, allowing you to shape the narrative the way you want.

A Restoration Project

Homescapes spells out a heartwarming story of Austin, the butler who decides to renovate his childhood home, a dilapidated mansion filled with fond memories and challenges. The aim is to revamp this place and prevent Austin's parents from selling it off, adding a personal and emotional stake to the game beyond pure gameplay.

The Butler and Family: Main Characters

Meet Austin, our diligent butler, and his cheerful parents, William and Olivia. Through the course of the game, additional characters are introduced, providing a colorful palette of interactions. Every character brings a certain charm that enhances the game’s cozy feeling.

Perfect Puzzle: Game Mechanics

Homescapes cleverly combines interior decoration with match-3 puzzles. To renovate different sections of the mansion, players must complete match-3 levels to earn stars, the currency used to execute various restoration tasks. Each puzzle level involves matching similar items in sets of 3 or more. As levels progress, tasks become more intricate and challenging, adding a sense of strategy to each game round.

Vibrant Aesthetics: Graphics

The graphics in Homescapes are endearing, bright, and lively. The mansion and its vast multitude of rooms, each in desperate need of repair, are finely detailed. As the restoration progresses, it's gratifying to see each room transform and sparkle.

Subtle Charmer: Sound Design

The sound in Homescapes is enchantingly warm. The relaxing background music, the satisfying crunch when a match is made, and the joyful notes during a successful level all lend themselves to the game's overall charm.


The game offers a multiplayer element in the form of an in-game social network, making the gameplay even more engaging. You can invite friends to play, help each other out, or simply humble-brag about your latest achievements.

Hidden Challenges: Side Quests

Add to the mix regular events, such as competitions against other players or side stories unfolding around secondary characters. These provide additional content and bonuses to keep the game all the more exciting.

The replayability in Homescapes is strong — the house has many sections to restore, and the game regularly adds new sections or events. Furthermore, the controls are straightforward and easily controlled by tapping and swiping mechanics.

Additionally, the amount of control the game gives you in terms of how exactly you want to decorate the mansion allows customization, thus providing a personal touch to an already dynamic gaming experience.

However, despite such immersive gameplay and engaging storytelling, Homescapes does not escape criticism. One of the major downsides of the game is its innate difficulty of levels. Some players find certain levels excessively challenging to pass without special boosters, leading them towards in-app purchases. Moreover, another gripe users have is the limiting energy system, where lives are required to attempt match-3 levels and can often impede playtime.

Users' Impressions and Remarks on Homescapes

The user impressions of Homescapes vary broadly. The game is popular among fans for its fusion of match-3 puzzles, intriguing storyline, and captivating character build-up. Although few find the renovation aspect slow, they praise the way it ties to the storyline, enriching the overall experience.

However, the in-app purchases and difficulty of levels, as mentioned before, have left a sour taste for others. Some players also express distress over the imbalance of rewards and effort, particularly as they advance to higher levels. As a result, this could demotivate players from a long-term commitment to the game.


  • Engaging match-3 puzzles with a unique home renovation twist
  • Immersive and personalized storyline
  • Plethora of unique and interactive characters
  • High-quality graphics and interactive environment.


  • Inherent difficulty in levels pushing for in-app purchases
  • Limiting energy system might impede playtime
  • Slow renovation progression for some users
  • Discrete imbalance between efforts and rewards at higher levels.


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