Candy Crush Saga review

Candy Crush Saga

Published & copyrighted by King

Candy Crush Saga, developed by King, is a match-3 puzzle game with an adorable, candy-themed plot. Players step into the shoes of Tiffi, a young girl set on helping the inhabitants of Candy Kingdom. Each character Tiffi encounters provides her with different candy-matching challenges, which must be overcome to progress. The plot is simple light-hearted, and emphasizes the ultimate goal of the game: matching sweets and finishing levels.

Candy-clad Characters

Our protagonist, Tiffi, is joined by a lovable set of characters, including Mr. Toffee, her mentor, and various other candy characters like Bubblegum Troll and Gingerbread Man. Each character has their own persona, dwelling in different parts of the Candy Kingdom, which include Candy Factory, Lemonade Lake, and Chocolate Mountains.

Meticulous Mechanics

Candy Crush Saga triumphs with its intuitive game mechanics. Players need to switch, match, and align at least three identical candies, achieving specific objectives within a limited number of moves. Special candies, power-ups, and combos are earned for matching more than three candies, bringing a strategic component to the game. The game's difficulty escalates gradually, introducing blockers and complex boards, which enhance the gaming experience.

Savoury Sound Design

The game's sound design is saccharine-themed, with music and effects that enhance the candy-coated ambiance. The catchy tunes on successfully matching candies or unlocking new levels heighten the joy of playing.

Gorgeous Graphics

In terms of visual aesthetics, Candy Crush hits the sweet spot. The game features vibrant and colorful graphics that captivate players, making the simple action of candy matching an eye-candy experience.

Interactive Multiplayer

Candy Crush Saga offers ranks, leaderboards, and friends' help through its multiplayer mode. Players can compete against or seek assistance from their friends to navigate tougher levels, strengthening a sense of community.

Sideline Side Quests

There are multiple side quests provided as boosters to help players get through challenging levels. These quests are accessible after achieving a certain progress level and range from bubble-popping to jelly-clearing tasks.

Replayability and Control Efficiency

Navigating the game is intuitive, with responsive controls and concise moves. As for replayability, with thousands of levels and updates being rolled out frequently, the game has exceptional replay value. The lure of better scores and stars keeps players hooked for long hours.

Decoding the Candy Crush Phenomenon: What Sets it Apart?

In a market swarming with match-3 puzzle games, Candy Crush Saga stands out through its unique candy-themed aesthetic, immersive storyline, and diversity of levels and game modes.

Firstly, the candy-themed universe differentiates it from other games. Unlike the jewels, fruits, or shapes found in many match-puzzle counterparts like Bejeweled, Fruit Splash, or Two Dots, Candy Crush embraces a sugary-sweet theme that resonates with players of all age groups.

Secondly, though the storyline is not complex, the narrative elements in the game give context to the player's actions. Each level is crafted as a hurdle for Tiffi, which enables players to immerse themselves fully. In contrast, most other puzzle games lack a discernable storyline, making them a series of unrelated quests.

Another key difference is its unparalleled breadth and complexity of levels. Candy Crush Saga boasts more than 9000 levels with varying objectives, unlike simpler counterparts like Toon Blast, which might not offer as much variety. Besides matching candies, players juggle jelly clearing, ingredient collection, and order fulfillment, making it a diverse and dynamic gaming experience.

Finally, Candy Crush Saga has intricately designed power-ups and special candies that add a strategic element to the game. The striped, wrapped, and rainbow candies, when used correctly, can turn the tide of the game, a feature that goes beyond the basic power-ups seen in games like Jewel Mania or Bubble Witch Saga.

To conclude, it is an iconic match-3 puzzle game that perfectly balances casual gaming with strategic thinking, making it a staple in the mobile gaming realm. Its simplicity, eye-catching visuals, and rewarding progression system make it an appealing choice for any mobile gamer.


  • Colorful, captivating graphics
  • Simple, intuitive controls and gameplay
  • Exciting power-ups and special candies
  • Regularly updated with new levels
  • Multiplayer function for competitive and cooperative play
  • Entertaining sound design.


  • In-game purchases can be a bit pushy
  • Difficulty can spike drastically on certain levels
  • Multiplayer function might require an active internet connection
  • It's easy to feel stuck without spending money on boosters.


Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga