Upcoming Steam Update to Equip Gamers with Hidden Libraries for Added Privacy

  • 09-11-2023 |
  • Polad Aladi

In the near future, Steam users will be able to hide certain games in their libraries from prying eyes, providing a welcome solution for those who enjoy not-so-mainstream indie anime games. This was revealed in a post by Pavel Djundik, the creator of SteamDB, who mentioned the upcoming option to render games private on your Steam profile. Although the feature is currently not live, it is anticipated for a forthcoming release.

Specifics regarding the operation of this privacy feature are yet to be unveiled. However, Djundik’s information implies that it wouldn’t be limited to concealing peculiar hentai games but deployable for any game in your library. This means gamers will have the power to keep their gaming choices, be it the controversial Starfield or otherwise, away from the judgmental eyes of their friends.

The precise timeline for the widespread implementation of this privacy option is unclear at the moment, with Valve yet to make an official statement confirming its launch. Despite the vague details, there seems to be ample demand within the gaming community for such a feature. Evidently, the opportunity to keep their gaming habits private would resonate well with Steam users concerned about exposure.

Presently, Steam does offer an option to become invisible to friends while playing, but this does not prevent people from viewing your library, leaving the concern of owned games' visibility unsolved.

With the launch of this feature, the 'true incognito' gaming mode will be at Steam users' disposal, enabling them not just to hide their current gaming activities but also to avoid disclosure of all owned games in their libraries.

In an absolute sense, this should put an end to any unwelcome revelations about your gaming preferences unless, of course, someone manages a peak at your PC at home, which, unfortunately, is outside of Valve's control.