The leaderboards for Suicide Squad game are being reset due to a build that is significantly overpowered, surpassing the balance parameters set for the game

  • 12-02-2024 |
  • Harlan Cook

Game director Axel Rydby announced on the official "Suicide Squad" game Discord channel that due to a problematic bug, the game's leaderboards are being reset. The Burn status effect was discovered to have a glitch, causing its power to increase uncontrollably at higher Mastery levels, resulting in an imbalance where it became the game's most potent effect, removing the challenge from late-game content.

Rydby shared the team's enthusiasm for players discovering and utilizing powerful builds, stressing that while the Burn build's strength and excitement were intentional, it was not meant to be the sole dominating strategy post-launch. In order to address the issue, the developers decided on a substantial rebalancing of the Burn effect to realign it with its original design intentions. 

However, due to the extensive use of the overpowered Burn builds, the leaderboards no longer accurately reflect fair competition, leading Rocksteady to the decision to start anew with the leaderboards. Rydby assured players that the old leaderboard records wouldn't be lost and would be preserved in a separate area for posterity and bragging rights.

The new, updated leaderboards called Finite Crisis will become the standard going forward, allowing players to experiment with different builds fairly. Community manager Darroch Brown indicated that although an exact date for the update has not been set, it is slated for a "soon" release.