Play SCP-inspired open-world multiplayer Once Human's beta next month

  • 28-02-2024 |
  • Elaina Taylor

The eagerly anticipated multiplayer survival game Once Human is preparing to launch a new beta test phase, beginning on March 28, 2024. Designed for both PC and mobile platforms, Once Human invites players into a supernatural world inspired by the SCP Foundation, a fictional organization documented by a web-based collaborative fiction project of the same name. In this game, players team up to withstand terrifying entities known as Aberrant creatures using a combination of firearms and supernatural powers. 

It's up to the players to gather survivors, establish strongholds, and delve into the secrets of their formidable adversaries to ensure their survival. The game challenges participants to rebuild and defend their territories in a bid to prevent their annihilation.

Once Human has drawn significant interest, especially evident from its high ranking on Steam's wishlist charts for multiplayer online survival games. It's managed to captivate a large audience, with over 300,000 players signing up for its previous beta test within just a week. This enthusiasm underscores the game's appeal and the anticipation surrounding its new features.

The upcoming beta test is set to introduce a variety of new elements, including a unique adversary characterized by its drill-bit head. Alongside this addition, players can look forward to experiencing Eternaland – a personal haven where they can construct buildings, solve intricate puzzles, and venture into new territories. The test phase will also usher in a fresh PvP (Player vs. Player) season, offering players new challenges and competitive opportunities.

Once Human promises an enthralling adventure where mystery and danger await around every corner. With its blend of strategic team play, construction, exploration, and combat against eldritch horrors, it's poised to offer an unparalleled survival experience. Everyone can look forward to joining a community of players eager to face the unknown and fight for survival in a world brimming with supernatural threats.