Nintendo hasn't revealed the development team for Mario & Luigi: Brothership, however, they have indicated that the original creators are participating in the project

  • 25-06-2024 |
  • Harlan Cook

Nintendo is maintaining a high level of secrecy regarding the development team responsible for creating Mario & Luigi: Brothership. This has raised a lot of curiosity and speculation among fans and the gaming community. 

When Stephen Totilo, a well-known and respected journalist, inquired about who was leading the charge on the revival of this beloved and popular action RPG series, Nintendo chose to remain discreet and tight-lipped on the subject, offering very limited information. However, they did provide a small but intriguing piece of information, acknowledging that "certain members who had previously contributed to the series" were actively participating in the new project. 

This statement has led to much speculation about which talented developers from the original games might be involved and how their involvement could influence the new game’s development and ultimate success. The mystery surrounding the team has only fueled greater interest and anticipation among those eagerly awaiting more news about the upcoming title.

According to Nintendo, several key individuals who had previously made significant contributions to the series are actively participating in the development of "Mario & Luigi: Brothership." As communicated to Totilo, with proper credit given to VGC, these experienced contributors are once again bringing their expertise to the table for this new installment. 

Nintendo also advised eager fans to be extra vigilant when the game's credits roll because this is when they can find more detailed information about the specific members of the development team who were involved in creating this highly anticipated release. 

By paying close attention during the credits, players will be able to appreciate the contributions of the many talented individuals who worked tirelessly to bring the game to life, offering deeper insight into the roles and responsibilities of each team member. 

This additional information will not only enhance their gaming experience but also foster a greater appreciation for the collaborative effort required to develop such a complex and engaging game.

The exact identities of these "certain previous contributors" remain shrouded in mystery, as they have yet to be disclosed to the public. However, it is known that after AlphaDream's dissolution in 2019, numerous former employees found new opportunities and went on to join other companies that maintain close relationships with Nintendo. Adding to the excitement in the gaming community, Nintendo recently announced the release of Mario & Luigi: Brothership. This highly anticipated game was unveiled just last week, generating a lot of buzz among fans. It is set to make its debut on the Switch platform on November 7th of this year, promising an engaging and immersive experience for players.

Brothership represents the series' introduction on the Switch and the first new installment since Mario & Luigi: Paper, which landed on the 3DS in 2015. While details were scant in the announcement, the game is portrayed as an oceanic odyssey spanning enigmatic islands, with hints at "refined techniques" for the iconic Mario siblings upon release.