Elevate Your Poshmark Shop: Unlock Sales with 'Promoted Closet'

  • 21-05-2024 |
  • Elaina Taylor

Imagine effortlessly boosting your entire Poshmark shop with just one tool. Poshmark's new "Promoted Closet" feature, officially launched today, offers exactly that. This innovative tool employs cutting-edge machine learning to enhance product visibility, making it easier for sellers to connect with interested buyers. With a tailored marketing approach, the feature identifies relevant shopper search terms and matches them with your promoted listings. 

So, how does "Promoted Closet" operate? Much like cost-per-click models on platforms like Amazon and Google, sellers set a weekly budget and pay only when a shopper selects their promoted listing. This ensures that your marketing spend is targeted and efficient. Sellers have the option to manually set their budgets or rely on Poshmark's recommendations, which consider factors like closet size and brand value to gauge demand and competition.

Additionally, "Promoted Closet" boasts a robust analytics dashboard. This tool offers sellers insights into impressions, clicks, sales, return on ad spend, cost per click, and clickthrough rate. An exciting update is the extended data view; sellers can now access up to a year's worth of sold listing data. This enhancement allows for more informed decision-making and better strategic planning.

"The results speak for themselves," says Poshmark. Sellers testing this feature since early 2023 saw an impressive 43% increase in sales. The feature, now available to all U.S. users, comes with a limited-time seven-day free trial. Canadian sellers will need to stay tuned, as the rollout timeline there remains unspecified. However, the potential benefits certainly spark anticipation.

Poshmark, having been acquired by Naver, continues to innovate and grow. Existing features like live auctions, collaborative shows, and AI-powered visual search set the stage for "Promoted Closet." Features such as bulk listing actions and shopper data tools further empower sellers. CEO Manish Chandra teases more generative AI advancements in the coming months, creating a buzz for what’s next. With over 130 million users and $7 billion earned by sellers, Poshmark’s evolving ecosystem promises even greater opportunities ahead.