Eager GTA 6 Enthusiasts Are Meticulously Combing Through Rockstar's Website In Anticipation Of An Upcoming Update

  • 13-05-2024 |
  • Elaina Taylor

It looks like Rockstar is gearing up to unveil some fresh GTA 6 updates to us in the near future.

The sharp-eyed account @GTAVI_Countdown noticed that the developer's website had been recently revised to feature GTA 6 in its listings. This adjustment introduced placeholder entries for a quartet of images, the game's front packaging visuals, and an anticipated launch date.

However, Rockstar swiftly removed this page, albeit not before @GTAVI_Countdown captured a snapshot of it. A subsequent message from the account indicated that the code containing the placeholders still exists in the listings, along with references to online purchases.

The company behind Grand Theft Auto, Take-Two, is poised to announce its most recent financial figures exactly seven days from today, on May 16th, prompting widespread speculation among enthusiasts that we might receive further GTA 6 information prior to that date. While the exact timing remains speculative, the prevailing opinion suggests we keep an eye out around May 14th.