EA FC 24 Unveils Update Modifying PlayStyle and Fixing Bugs

  • 09-11-2023 |
  • Elaina Taylor

A new update from EA FC 24 developers has redefined certain attributes of the gameplay. It has effectively reduced the whipped pass PlayStyle potency, improved goalkeeper animations, and attended to an Evolution bug that had been troubling players.

Ultimate Team users in EA FC 24 have found Evolutions to be a revolutionary feature. This system enables them to enhance player cards and players to remain competitive in the game's metaverse. For instance, the Interceptor Trailblazer Evolution transforms non-rare gold cards into formidable midfield forces.

However, this Evolution encountered some problems. The final upgrade level erased a PlayStyle, and the glitch made it impossible for players to begin a game with the card within their starting lineup. Players were upset, as this Evolution costs 75,000 coins or 1,500 UT points, which is equivalent to around $15.

Responding to the community outcry, EA FC 24's latest update has addressed the problem. Update 5 has a series of enhancements and improvements for Ultimate Team issues, gameplay alterations, and career mode changes, including clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL adjustments, along with general, audio, and visual updates.

The update addresses a stability issue involving entering the store via an Evolutions screen, an Evolution causing unintentional loss of some PlayStyles, and stability concerns experienced when starting a match with some Evolution Player Items in the squad. In terms of gameplay, the velocity of Ground Passes taken at extreme angles and the accuracy of crosses taken by players with Whipped Pass and Whipped Pass+ PlayStyles have been slightly reduced. Goalkeeper reactions to near-post shots have been improved.

The latest development from EA FC 24 will certainly be a source of some relief for players. This update is part of a series of steps being taken to ensure a more seamless and satisfactory gaming experience for users.