Diablo IV Introduces Color-Customizable Town Portals For A Fee Of £25

  • 16-02-2024 |
  • Harlan Cook

The ongoing discussions about Diablo IV's third season continue to heat up, and now Blizzard is adding fuel to the fire by introducing a new option for players to acquire colored town portals – at a steep price of £25. The in-game bundle, named the Dark Pathways Pack, is priced at £24.99 and comes with a set of five unique portals and 1000 Platinum, which has an independent value of around £8 when purchased on its own.

To add insult to injury, players aren't even given the choice to select their preferred color; the five different hues are pre-assigned and locked to specific classes – consisting of red for the Barbarian, blue for the Sorceress, yellow for the Druid, purple for the Necromancer, and green for the Rogue. The online reception has been predictably chilly towards this offer, and it's hard to argue with the sentiment that spending £25 for a handful of new portal colors seems rather excessive.