Your Ultimate Guide to Level Up in Love and Deepspace

  • 05-02-2024 |
  • Harlan Cook

Embarking on the journey through the engrossing world of Love and Deepspace is a thrilling experience. As a Hunter, your mission is to engage in captivating battles, form deep connections, and uncover the secrets of an immersive universe. The key to fully embracing this adventure lies in your ability to level up. Whether you're a novice looking to find your footing or a seasoned player aiming for the stars, this guide will illuminate the path toward higher levels and richer gameplay.

Step 1: Embrace the Daily Grind with Daily Tasks

Embrace the Daily Grind with Daily Tasks

Every epic tale begins with small, consistent steps. In Love and Deepspace, your daily tasks serve as the bedrock for your progress. Each task is a thread in the tapestry of your Hunter's evolution. Here's how to maximize your daily EXP gain:

  • Perfect Attendance: Each day, kick off your journey by simply logging into the game and reaping the rewards of regular attendance.
  • Heartbreaker and Mr. Beanie Takedowns: Seek out the Bounty Hunt feature and vanquish the Heartbreaker and Mr. Beanie to demonstrate your growing prowess.
  • Gift of Stamina: Remember, camaraderie powers your journey—send Stamina to your allies and fortify your connections.
  • Savvy Shopper: Visit the Shop daily and claim your Free Pack, a small gesture that accumulates substantial benefits over time.

Each action contributes to your 110 Daily Activities, yielding a treasure trove of resources, including Diamonds, Hunter EXP, and many other valuable assets to aid in your quest.

Step 2: Foster Your Relationships at Destiny Café

Your odyssey in Love and Deepspace isn't solely about conflict; it's also about forming bonds. Make a daily pilgrimage to Destiny Café and take a moment to interact with fellow characters. These seemingly mundane conversations are the bricks that pave the road to your Hunter's depth and stature.

Step 3: Enhance Your Arsenal by Upgrading Memory

Enhance Your Arsenal by Upgrading Memory

What is a Hunter without their Memory cards? Utilize Bottles of Wishes to level up your Memory, sharpening your edge in the battles that await. Your strategic investment in these upgrades will unfold as tangible progress in the trials to come.

Step 4: The Stamina Marathon

Two tasks on your daily list involve stamina expenditure — a 100-stamina sprint followed by a 300-stamina marathon. Pour your energy into Bounty Hunts, Deepspace Trials, or Core Hunt battles, and feel the rush of growth with every move you make.

Step 5: Venture Beyond Daily Quests

The core of your ascension in Love and Deepspace lies within the main story battles. Unlike the episodic nature of daily tasks, each chapter of the main story unfolds new battlegrounds. Conquer these to achieve a cumulative gain that might seem modest daily but monumental over time.

A Hunter's journey is as much about the pursuit of excellence as it is about the joy of the experience. With this guide to navigate the intricacies of leveling up in Love and Deepspace, you stand on the precipice of untold adventures. Through dedication, strategy, and the bonds forged along the way, your rise to prominence in this rich universe is not just possible — it's inevitable.