Ultimate Guide to Weapon Mastery in WWE 2K24

  • 20-03-2024 |
  • Elaina Taylor

In the latest iteration of the popular wrestling series, WWE 2K24 introduces an adrenaline-pumping twist to the classic in-ring battle by incorporating a variety of weapons that players can wield to gain the upper hand. Ensuring victory transcends pure strength and finesse; sometimes, the strategic use of a chair or table can be the determining element in a match.

Array of Arsenal: Weapons to Swing the Match

Array of Arsenal Weapons to Swing the Match

WWE 2K24 enhances the gaming experience by offering a current and more extensive list of moves that can be executed with various weapons. Now, players can also take advantage of the appearing items as well, adding a dynamic layer of strategy and excitement to every game mode.

Latest Update: Weapon Throwing Mechanic

An innovative mechanic has been rolled out in the recent update, empowering players with the ability to throw weapons towards their opponents, causing significant impact even from a distance. Acclaimed for increasing the match's intensity, WWE 2K24 now permits a more varied approach to combat within the digital squared circle.

Procuring Weapons: Know Your Match Types

To secure the right weaponry, it's crucial to understand that weapons are available exclusively in specific match types, such as TLC and Extreme Rules. In standard matches, using a weapon will lead to disqualification, so read the room—or rather, the ring—before arming your wrestler.

Weapon Wheel: Your Selection Interface

Weapon Wheel Your Selection Interface

By approaching the ring apron and pressing the right button, you'll unveil the weapon wheel, a selection menu that showcases six different weapons for you to choose and use. Here's where strategic choice intersects with gaming skills.

Customizing Your Weapon Wheel

In WWE 2K24, the weapon wheel isn't fixed. Before your match begins, dive into the "Match Options" to edit and select the six weapons you wish to bring into the arena, tailoring your arsenal to suit your in-ring strategy perfectly.

All the Weapons at Your Disposal

From kendo sticks to newly introduced guitars and microphones, the game boasts an impressive array of weapons to keep the matches fresh and your opponents guessing. Each weapon offers a unique advantage, which can be the key to your success.

Technique: The Art of Weapon Throwing

Technique The Art of Weapon Throwing

Embracing the allure of WWE's more unconventional match types, WWE 2K24 allows you to fling weapons at your adversary from afar. This movement is important tactically, allowing you to deal damage while keeping a safe distance.

Step-by-Step Weapon Throwing

To launch a weapon, first grab it by pressing the appropriate button. Then, with precision, aim and release the object by pressing another button. It's a skill that, when mastered, can shift the momentum of your match dramatically—transforming possible defeat into a triumphant victory.

By incorporating these artifacts of chaos into your gameplay, WWE 2K24's matches ascend beyond the standard showcase of virtual athleticism into a realm where strategy and quick thinking reign supreme. Embrace the weapons, master their use, and you may just find yourself the reigning champion of the ring.