Ken Gano works hard for his client’s …

Here Are Some Examples:

  • Helping families and individuals escape being caught between the most restrictive bankruptcy statute in our nations history and the worst credit market since the Great Depression.  Between the credit industry buying Congress and the Administration to pass BAPBPA, thereby toughening the protections of bankruptcy, and a credit crisis induced by the unregulated greed of the market, many, many families today are facing the very real lose of their homes and possessions.  Ken Gano has made a real point of staying current with the numerous changes in the law, remaining active in the debtors bar and is providing complete bankruptcy services through out Central and Southern Illinois.  Ken Gano is noted for complete, credit counseling to discharge bankruptcy services in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and flat rate fees.  Don’t risk losing your home.  Call today for free information regarding your rights under the Bankruptcy Code.
  • Mediation Services.  When the Illinois Supreme Court mandated mediation on basically all family law case, Ken Gano was one of the first to qualify and gain court approval as a mediator.  Mediation is a new and largely untested procedure in Illinois, and Ken Gano is on the leading edge of formulating the working definition of family law mediation in Illinois.  Ken Gano is one of the few mediators willing and able to arrange mediation to fit your schedule.
  • Driver’s licenses reinstatement.  As a former Formal Hearing Officer for the Illinois Secretary of State, Ken Gano understands and can provide effective guidance though the driver’s license reinstatement process, including full representation at Formal Hearing for multiple DUI offender’s.  Driver’s licenses reinstatement is a long and involved process, particularly for the recovering alcoholic’s and problem drinkers with multiple DUI convictions.  Experience, patience and attention to detail are invaluable in successfully obtaining legal driving privileges.
  • Criminal defense.  A long background in major criminal defense and employment in multiple counties providing vigorous public defender services uniquely qualifies Ken Gano to deal with your both major and minor brushes with the law.  Ken Gano DOES NOT accept capital cases, but any and all other types of criminal charges, including drugs, burglaries, thief and sexual misconduct.
  • Family law litigation.  Be it divorce, child custody, visitation, support, adoption, adoption defense, collection of child support or any of the multitude of issue where families come into contact with the court system, Ken Gano can provide experienced and ethical representation through out this emotionally draining experience.  Mediation is proving to be a sea change in the way the State of Illinois interacts with family relationship, but it has not, and will probably never, replace the need of advocates in family court.
  • Personal Injury / Worker’s Complementation / Social Security Disability referral services.  Coordinating with some of the very best specialists in the State, and coming for a professional background in injury work, Ken Gano would be willing to preliminarily evaluate your case and refer you to the most appropriate specialist.

This list is not all inclusive.  Ken Gano has widely varied professional background and relishes new challenges.

Let Ken Gano Get Results For You.